Teaching and Payment

Teaching is guaranteed for G3-4s as part of the Graduate Student package. Both the two years guaranteed teaching and Top-up can be deferred to a post-field period.

The full teaching load is 0.4-0.5 FTE, but students within G3-4 receive a top-up which makes their pay equivalent to the current G1-2 stipend ($28,020 in 2017-8 for 10 months, Aug-May).

The average section is worth 0.2 FTE (18 students), and the recommended teaching load per semester is 2 sections. Some tutorials are worth up to 0.3 FTE.

0.4 FTE is equivalent to $2140 per month (2017-8), and 0.5 FTE is equivalent to $2675 per month.

Payment for TFs occurs on the 15th of each month, but the Top-Up is paid separately on the 1st of the month.

International students can only teach a maximum of 0.57 FTE per semester.

Teaching Allocations and Timeline

The department is responsible for the allocations of teaching appointments. TFs should approach faculty or Graduate Program Administrator directly in the middle of the semester before if they have a class in mind to teach. Some classes require the TF to have taken the graduate version of that class, or have other requirements or preferences.

Teaching appointments are dependent on undergraduate enrolment, which are only settled the day after Registrations are finalised, which is effectively Week 2. Some G5+ TFs may experience delayed payments as a result.

For G-5s onwards, teaching is not guaranteed, but the department does its best to find tutorials and sections for graduate students, including outside the department. You can also use the Centralised Applications for Teaching Sections Tool at

Further details are available at and the GSAS Handbook on Teaching (

These details in the GSAS Handbook include: Stipend Rate, Rules, Pay Schedules Course Load, Appeals Procedure.