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Fieldnotes to First Draft

The ethics of engagement do not end in the field. What you write has political and ethical implications. Writing is a form of representing the peoples and ideas you study. 

Professor George Meiu walks us through his method of moving from fieldnotes to finished writing product as a process. How do we reflect on fieldnotes? How (and why) do we make "notes on notes?" How can we envision the argument emergent as we draft our texts?

Writing as a Way of Thinking

How to get from A to Z?

Professor George Meiu describes his approach to writing as a recursive process of thinking through one’s work.

Writing and Organizing Fieldnotes

From “jot notes” and drawings to expanded fieldnotes, Professor Meiu explains his method of writing up and organizing his research data. 

Synthesize to First Draft

Professor Meiu explains how he uses “notes on notes” and “storylines” to  synthesize research materials and write a first draft.