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In the Field

The moment you prepared for is finally here.

You arrive in a new place, bags and cameras in hand.  As a whole new field of possibilities expands, so too will the complications and questions. Where do you start? How do you approach people and build relationships? How do you handle the curveballs of fieldwork? How do you stay focused on the scope of your reserach questions -- all the while allowing moments in the field to recalibrate your lens and direction?

In this section, concentrators share advice on how to deal with challenging moments from the field. 


Tips from the Field


Three Ways of the Fieldworker
Maryssa Baron '17  (Fieldwork: South Africa)

Adaptability, humility, and argumentation form the core of Maryssa's method. 


"Intense Curiosity" as a Guide to Fieldwork
Marisa Houlahan '17  (Fieldwork: Bangladesh)

Fieldwork for Marisa means practicing "intense curiosity" in the people and contexts she encounters.


Privileges we bring to the field
Amanda Flores '18  (Fieldwork: Bolivia)

Amanda reminds us that working in - and with - 
communities is a privilege.