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As undergraduates, we are just beginning to realize the possibilities for intellectual engagement with our world through academia. While building this website, we've realized that not all of the practices and conventions of anthropologists are transparent. In both social anthropology and archeaology, framing research questions, gathering and analyzing data, and crafting a well-written text about your research involve an understanding of what it means to ask anthropological questions, and how one sets about answering them—conventions for anthropological research and writing that often go unspoken. 

The AnthroWrites program and website is an innovative learning platform built by students, for students to learn how to write and research with an anthropological lens. What you'll find within these pages is ultimately an ongoing discussion—filled with both questions and tentative answers—about what it means and what it takes to study anthropology. 

Follow the links for more on the disciplines of social anthropology and archeaology, the best practices of reading and writing in anthropology, and discussions of ethics and process in relation to anthropological research. 

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